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This small demo shows you how easy it is to create a SharePoin List EventReceiver that "pushs" every change of an item to all connected clients in real-time. In other words: When you add/update/delete an item in a SharePoint Document library an event is fired and sent to all browsers.


Download the current version of the Real-time EventReceiver Demo from the downloads page.
Install the solution package (wsp) to your Sharepoint either with the install.ps1 helper script or with powershell.


Activate the Site Collection Feature "MaxMelcher.SPSignalR Whats Happening WebPart" on a site collection.
Then add the webpart "MaxMelcher.SPSignalR.EventReceiverExample - WhatsHappening WebPart" to a new or existing page.

Thats it. Now open a second browser and upload a new file to a document library, e.g. "Documents" - you should see a new line on the page test.doc: added where test.doc is the name of the newly uploaded file.

See it in action

Video is coming shortly.

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