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What is SignalR and what is it good for?

SignalR - Incredibly simple real-time web for .NET. I copied that one from - if you have never heard of it, go read that first.
What can SignalR do in combination with SharePoint 2013? Well,


Download the current solution file and install it in your farm. For convenience you can use the provided install.ps1. The script asks you for a webapplication, so the feature is not installed in the central admin or the mysite.

This modifies your web.config and results in a SharePoint AppPool recycle. Try this first on test/dev system!

After installation open a browser and open the url of the webapplication you installed the solution to and append /signalr/hubs (e.g. http://sp2013/signalr/hubs). This should result in a page with javascript only. Voila, SignalR is working.

That's it?

No, apparently thats only the basis. Next you need to create a hub. If you have never heard about hubs

How to create a hub

In order to
see CreateAHub

Farm mode / Scale-out

Imagine you have two load-balanced WebFrontends (let's call them A and B) and on both is SignalR registered. Now when clients connect to the load-balanced url they subcribe to a hub H on server A or B. The problem is now, what happens to events that should be broadcasted to all subcribed clients?
Server A and Server B need to communicate to send those messages to all clients and this scenario is called scale-out.
Apparently this is not done yet, see issue As soon as its stable and available, I will update this solution to support the scenario.

Behind the scenes

As mentioned above the solution modifies the web.config of the Webapplication. Basically it registeres a module to register the route /signalr/hubs for you. The signalr approach would be using the PreApplicationStartMethod - but that does not work with SharePoint (or all my attempts did fail...).

Samples (tbd)

Check the following samples. Would love to see some contributions!

App mode

Hosting SignalR in a SharePoint Auto-hosted App, follow the walk through linked below.

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Jimmyandy Oct 23, 2013 at 7:15 AM 
Would scale out/farm mode work if sticky sessions are enabled on HLB?
When is the fix for the Scale Out/Farm mode expected?

- Thanks